Kyle created a variety of videos for Old Swedes. Noticing that this historic site didn’t have a variety of videos for informative and promotional purposes, Kyle began using them to promote the site. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyle produced a variety of videos about women’s suffrage and the Site’s history, and edited videos for Old Swedes’ Third Thursday children’s programs. The following example is a suffragist biography:

New Website

Old Swedes’ previous website, which was upgraded by Kyle.

Old Swedes Historic Site’s website was over 10 years old when Kyle started his position as Education & Visitor Services Representative. A first major project Kyle undertook during his time there was to upgrade their website. After a complete overhaul, the site is up-to-date and easy for all staff members to update regularly as needed.


The program for the 320th Anniversary event.

Old Swedes Church, the focal point of the Site, celebrated its 320th anniversary in June 2019. A major gala event, “Celebrating the Centuries” was planned and Kyle’s design experience for the McDaniel Free Press was harnessed to create a variety of visual materials to promote it, most notably the invitations that were sent out.